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First update will be posted here at the beginning of the season.

Sunday, April 9th 2017 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

First update of 2017 – Reports have it that riding in Reno and Carson City is excellent right now.  As far as mountain bike season is concerned in Lake Tahoe, we’re anticipating the season to be delayed significantly.  In previous winters with this much snow, trails at 7000′ were clear in Mid-June and trails at or above 8000′ were clear Mid-July to early August.  In the meantime, enjoy the skiing!

Sunday, May 15th 2016 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

We’ve received lots of phone calls about the local trails here in Incline Village, so it’s time for an update…  A quick shot of warm weather helped speed up snow melt here in town, but the snowpack remains dense and deep bewteen 7500′-8000′.  That means the upper Tyrolian DH, Marlette Flume, Tahoe Rim Trail, and Chimney beach downhill are still buried under snow.  We’re hoping to be on the Rim by early to mid June at this point.

The Incline Flume, from Mt Rose HWY to the lower Tyrolian DH is mostly passable with a few lingering patches of snow in the shade and north facing wrinkles.  See the photos below for the melt progress in the last 10 days:

The snowpack on the Incline Flume is receeding quickly.
The snowpack on the Incline Flume is receeding quickly.  This is taken where the trail heads north for the first time.  10 days elapsed between the left and right photos.
The lower section of the Tyrolian viewed from the Incline Flume shortcut entrance.
The lower section of the Tyrolian viewed from the Incline Flume shortcut entrance.

Also, Tunnel Creek Road is now 100% clear to about 1/8th of a mile past Tunnel Creek Station.  This means that you can climb past the station, until the road turns south toward the last grind up to the Flume.  It is still snow covered from there to the Marlette Flume.  We would estimate that we’ll be riding the flume inside of 1-2 weeks if temps cooperate.

Friday, April 22 2016 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

Mountain bike season is upon us…  But as this report is being written, current weather conditions are uncooperative.  It is cold and snowing heavily at 6500′.  Prior to this snow though, lower elevation rides were beginning to clear quickly.  Here is what we know about trail conditions, based on reports from friends and our recon missions:

In Truckee, the usual suspects are (or were) clear including the Emigrant Trail, Dirty Harry, and Jackass Ridge, et al.

On the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, between Tahoe City and Kings Beach most trails at or below 7000′ are ridable.  The trails above Kings Beach are reported to be riding well with little or no snow, especially on south facing aspects.  Western States/3 Bridges is ridable up to 7000′ or so.

In Incline Village, Tunnel Creek is clear up to the Incline Flume.  The Incline Flume, Marlette Flume, and Tahoe Rim Trail are still snow covered.  The Tyrolian Downhill was melting quickly down low, but still has nearly 6 feet of snow at the traditional entry point.  It will be quite some time before that is good to go.

In Carson City and Reno, mountain bike season is in full swing with Clear Creek, Ash & Kings Canyon (Carson City), Dry Pond (Galena), and Peavine (North Reno) free and clear of snow.

If you would like to contribute to our trail report, please email us the details.

Wednesday, June 3 2015 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

The Tahoe Rim Trail from Mt Rose Meadow to Marlette Peak is open and virtually snow free.  This will be our last trail report until conditions change.  You may consider mountain bike season in Lake Tahoe in full swing.  If you would like to update us on anything trail related, please email us the details.

Tuesday, May 26 2015 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

Lake Tahoe mountain bike conditions are as good as they ever get right now.  Aside from some lingering snow at the highest elevations on the Tahoe Rim Trail (Mt Rose to Marlette Peak) and Hole in the Ground (Donner Pass), most of the trails are open, clear, and in top notch condition.

In our neighborhood, the Tyrolian DH got some love yesterday thanks to the TAMBA trail day.  Volunteers worked throughout the day to improve and reroute several sections of trail.  For photos and details on the trail day, visit the TAMBA Facebook page via the link below:

Visit the TAMBA Tyrolian DH Trail Day Facebook Page

Also, the Incline Flume, Marlette Flume, and Chimney Beach Downhill are free and clear of snow and in A++ condition.

We also spent some time outside of Incline Village over the last few days, inspecting the riding in Tahoe City.  It’s safe to say everything is clear in the Painted Rock area including; OTB, Deer Creek, Three Bridges, Missing Link, and Wallternate.  Significant rain and hail fell on both Sunday and Monday of this week leaving the trails in excellent condition, aside from a few greasy spots that should be dried up by this morning.

With most of the riding in the Tahoe Basin open and in excellent condition, expect less frequent trail updates, as we will be out riding our bikes.  We will check back in when we can report that the Tahoe Rim Trail is 100% free of snow between Mt Rose Meadow and Marlette Peak.  Until then you can follow us on Strava or join our Strava club to see where we’re riding or to gather ride information.


Friday, May 22nd 2015 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

The rain and snow continues to fall on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, making for epic conditions at lower elevations.  At higher elevations though, the conditions are a little snowy for those of us without a fat bike in the quiver.  Village Ski Loft manager, Aaron “Elko” James reported several inches of snow while flagging the upper Tyrolian Downhill for trail work this Monday, May 25th.  Other members of the Village Ski Loft crew participated in some “team-building” exercises in perfect conditions on the lower Tyrolian before the rains came yesterday.

The snow line seems to be hovering between 8000′ to 8500′, with depths of up to 8″.  That means that upper Tyrolian and Tahoe Rim Trail from Mt Rose to Marlette Peak will need some more time to thaw out before becoming rideable.  It’s important to remember at this time of year, that avoiding snow by meandering off the trail damages the surrounding environment and is considered a serious faux-pas in mountain bike etiquette.  Remember to KEEP SINGLETRACK SINGLE!

Sunday, May 17th 2015 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

A low pressure system has been parked over Lake Tahoe for a few days now, bringing some much needed precipitation to the basin.  At lower elevations the moisture has fallen as rain.  Above 7000′, much of it has fallen as snow, putting a slight damper on our early mountain bike season.  Reports have been coming in steady that the Marlette and Incline Flumes have quite a bit of snow on them as of today.  Local mountain biker Frank R. reported having to share the trail with some nordic skiers.  This snowfall will certainly push back the opening of the Tahoe Rim Trail from Mt Rose to Marlette Peak another few weeks, with more of the same in the forecast for the upcoming week.

In the meantime, while the snow is melting, check out Specialized Bicycles and the rebirth of the legendary Stumpjumper FSR:

Tuesday, May 5th 2015 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

Another scouting ride today revealed the the Tahoe Rim Trail is clear for roughly 3.5 miles north of Tunnel Creek Road.  I spoke to some hikers along the way that estimated they had hiked through at least 2 to 2.5 miles of snow between the meadow and Diamond Peak.  Just past Diamond Peak (while riding from south to north) there are several large patches of snow on the shaded, north facing wrinkle.  The amount of snow I saw was too much for this rider to endure.  I don’t particularly care for carrying my bike through snow, and in the process, getting my feet wet and cold.  All the way to Diamond Peak though, the trail is virtually 100% clear of ice and snow.  South of Tunnel Creek Road, it is obvious that there is still significant snow on the climb to Marlette Peak.  I would guess that the first 2 miles or more, there is more snow than dirt showing.

Stay tuned for more updates…  There is more snow in the forecast this week that will likely postpone significant snow melt on the goods in our neighborhood.

Monday, May 4th 2015 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

We went on a little recon mission this morning to see just how much snow there is to battle on the Tahoe Rim Trail…  The snowpack is still standing it’s ground at about 8400′ on all north facing slopes in the shade.  The snow depth is one to four feet, depending on aspect and loading.  This means that it will be about two weeks at current temperatures before the rim will be rideable from the meadow, or the backdoor entrance.  This also means that it will be between two and three weeks before we are riding the TRT south of Tunnel Creek Road to Marlette Peak.

The Tyrolian DH is still somewhat snowy at the top but mainly concentrated around the access points from Mt Rose Highway.  Once you hit the single track, there are about two patches of 50 feet or so to carry your bike across.  After that the trail is 100% free and clear of snow.

IMG_0698Thursday, April 16th 2015 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

Recent snowfall and cold temperatures have prevented rapid snow melt, leaving us much in the same boat as last week;  Most riding below 8000′ is good to go, except for a few north facing and shaded aspects that still hold patches of snow.  Here is what is happing  in our neighborhood:

The Tyrolian Downhill is about 80% clear from the top.  A few large patches of snow remain in the shade on the upper corners and access point.  It won’t be long until this snow melts off though, as temperatures are forecast to rise this weekend.

The Marlette Flume is also about 80-90% clear, with large patches of snow still remaining between the top of North Canyon Road and the fish spawning station on the south shore of Marlette Lake.  The southwest shore is passable with minor patches of snow.

Incline Flume from Mt Rose Highway through Diamond Peak has only small patches of snow to contend with on the ski resort and a few shaded areas.  Consider it clear and rideable.

The Tahoe Rim Trail is still snowy from the Mt Rose Meadow through the first climb and a few more spots along the way toward Diamond Peak.  South of Tunnel Creek Rd there is significant snow on the climb to Marlette Peak.  Expect it to be mostly clear in the next few weeks.  Remember, please stick to the trail and keep singletrack single!

Outside of our ‘hood, the Emigrant Trail in Truckee is 100% snow free.  A small wild fire broke out in the area the other day, so be fire safe and report wildfires.   On the south shore of Lake Tahoe, the Powerline Trail, Corral Loop, and Armstrong Connector are good to go.  Trails in the Mt Watson neighborhood are also rumored to be good to go all the way to Painted Rock.

Friday, April 3rd 2015 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

Light snow fell yesterday above 8000′ leaving 2-3 inches of fresh in the Tahoe Meadow on Mt. Rose.  It will still be a few weeks until we ride the Tahoe Rim Trail around Mt Rose, especially of the rumors of more significant snow early next week come true.

As of now, we know that the Marlette Flume is clear all the way to Marlette Lake, but some snow lingers around the lake and on North Canyon Road.  The Incline Flume is 100% free of snow to the Tyrolian Downhill, and the Tyrolian is clear from Incline Flume all the way to Tyrolian Village.  There is still large patches of snow on the upper Tyrolian and on parts of the Incline Flume south of the Tyrolian.

Outside of Incline Village, lots of riding below 7500′-8000′ is clear.  Early season staple rides like the Emigrant Trail and Sawtooth ridge have been clear for some time.

Thursday, March 19th 2015 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

Today’s update is the first update of the bike season here in North Lake Tahoe.  Although most of the ground still lies underneath snowpack above 7500′, it will likely be melting quickly.  The Incline Flume, is mostly clear through to Diamond Peak Ski Resort.  Tunnel Creek Road is also available for those of you looking to get a jump on early season climbing.  The Marlette Flume and Tahoe Rim Trail are still impassible.  Expect the Flume to be rideable much sooner than the Rim as snowpack at 8000′ is more significant.

Saturday, June 21st 2014 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

Today’s update will be the last one for a while, as you can be sure that mountain bike season is in full swing.  The only Tahoe area trail left with snow to contend with is Hole in the Ground on Donner Summit.  The amount of snow left there is minimal though and will be clear in a matter of a week.  We will resume regular trail updates when there is something to report.

Friday, May 30th 2014 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

Today’s update is short and sweet;  The Tahoe Rim Trail, from Mt Rose Meadow to Tunnel Creek Road, is mostly free of snow.  It should be passable within a week.  The majority of the snow lies between the tree line at the edge of the meadow to the top of the first climb, so roughly 1 mile of significant snow cover.  From the top of the first climb to Tunnel Creek, there are four small patches of snow that you have to get off your bike for, but those should be gone in the next few days.

We would also like to remind you to tread lightly when encountering snow crossings.  Cutting the trail and riding around snowbanks is discouraged, as it causes damage to the surrounding terrain.  So when you come to snow crossings, please do your best not to disturb the surroundings by walking over or around snow.  Cutting new, temporary trail just to keep your feet dry is lame.

Sunday, May 25th 2014 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

Good news to report; Almost all staple North Lake Tahoe mountain bike rides are just about good to go.  Locally, the Flume Trail, Chimney Beach DH, Incline Flume, and Tyrolian DH are all clear.  Riding north from Tunnel Creek Road on the Tahoe Rim Trail is clear to Diamond Peak.  Between Diamond Peak and Mt Rose Meadow is still holding large patches of snow though due to high elevation and north exposures.  The trail should be completely clear in the next week to 10 days.  South of Tunnel Creek Road, the TRT still has significant snow heading up to Marlette Peak.  Weather permitting, another week or two will have that section of trail clear as well.

Other sections of Tahoe Rim Trail along the North Shore have minimal snow and the riding is supreme between Mt Baldy and Tahoe City.  That leaves Mr Toads, Spooner to Kingsbury, and Hole in the Ground as the only rides that aren’t quite free of snow, but those will be melting fast, weather permitting.  If you have more information that you would like to share, please Email us.

In other trail news, today is the Tyrolian DH Trail Day.  Right now, volunteers are hard at work making improvements.  If you haven’t gotten a chance to ride this trail, it is quickly becoming one of the premier DH rides in the basin, offering technical rock sections, perfectly manicured berms, and other fun features.  Please remember it is a multi-use trail; slow down for hikers, be polite, and RIDE IT, DON’T SLIDE IT!

Wednesday, May 14th 2014 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

We were able to do some scouting over the last 3 days and found that the Tahoe Rim Trail is mostly clear between HWY 267 and Watson Lake.  Significant snow still guards the north facing aspect just before Watson Lake though, meaning that it will be at least a couple of weeks until you can gain Watson Peak without getting some cold, wet feet.

Snow on the climb to Watson Lake

We also noted that there has been relatively heavy traffic on the Tyrolian DH, which is mainly clear, but is still cloaked in heavy snow at the top of the trail.  Much of the traffic appears to be winding its way off the trail causing erosion and damage to the surrounding turf.  Please remember that if you must avoid snow, walk your bike over or around it to limit damage to the area surrounding trails.  Cutting trail to avoid snow causes unnecessary soil erosion and potentially jeopardizes our existing trail system.

Saturday, May 10th 2014 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

Temperatures have been on the chilly side for the last week or so, prohibiting rapid snow melt.  Slowly but surely though, more dirt is showing and trails are opening.  Robb S. of Incline Village checked in to let us know that Tunnel Creek Road is virtually snow free all the way to the top, but that the Tahoe Rim Trail still needs some time to thaw heading both north and south.

The Incline Flume is clearing up nicely, although there are still some sizable patches of snow in the shaded areas and on the ski runs at Diamond Peak.  The Marlette Flume is still holding snow between Tunnel Creek Road and the section of trail exposed to Lake Tahoe, as well as on the Southwest shore of Marlette Lake and parts of North Canyon Road. Those who don’t mind hiking through some patches of snow can certainly make a nice ride of it.

The Tyrolian Downhill has recovered from damage done to the trail and in better shape than ever thanks to trail work done by volunteers working with TAMBA and the Forest Service.  Please remember that this is a multi-use trail, both hiker and biker friendly. Intentional disruption or destruction of the trail can lead to serious injury.  The upper half of the Tyrolian Downhill trail still has a fair amount of snow, from the entrance on Mt Rose highway to the trail head.  A week of warmer weather will change that quickly though.

We also saw some social media posts that the Tahoe Rim Trail is in pretty good shape around Painted Rock and that Page Meadows is clear.  As always, if you would like to share photos or trail info, please feel free to Email us.

Wednesday, April 29th 2014 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

Light snow accumulation from last week has melted off, leaving excellent riding conditions on open trails.  Since the last update, Incline Flume to Lower Tyrolian DH is open with only one significant snow crossing.  Past the downhill, snow still covers the majority of Incline Flume and the Upper Tyrolian DH still needs some time to thaw out.  Tunnel Creek Road is clear to just past Tunnel Creek Station with some snow patches covering the last part of the climb to Marlette Flume.  Marlette Flume is clear in spots, with snow lingering in the north facing aspects closest to the intersection with Tunnel Creek Road.

Tuesday, April 15th 2014 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

The winter storm that hit Lake Tahoe just over two weeks ago has pushed back mountain biking in Incline Village and along the North Shore for another few weeks.  The majority of Tyrolian Downhill and Incline Flume are buried under snow and you are hiking your bike far more than you are riding it.  Local estimates put it at about 2 weeks or so before we’ll be riding there.  That puts the Marlette Flume close behind, maybe 3 weeks or so.  That means we may be on the Tahoe Rim Trail before the end of May, weather permitting.

Trails that are good to go that we know of are in Galena Creek park in Reno, the Emigrant Trail, and Animal in Truckee.  Feel free to Email us with trail openings.

Monday, March 17th 2014 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

It has been a very light winter here in Tahoe to say the least…  Lingering snow is still hampering the riding here in the basin, but word around the coffee pot is that dirt is starting to show in Truckee.  We also know that the riding in Reno and Galena Creek Park is good to go.  Here in Incline, Tunnel Creek Road is clear to the Aspen Grove or so.  Check back in another week or two for more information about the riding.

Sunday, November 3rd 2013 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

Lingering snow at higher elevations is putting a damper on mountain biking in the Tahoe basin.  Outside of the basin though, you can find good riding in Galena Creek Park and Keystone/North Reno.

Thursday, July 18th 2013 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

Our apologies for the delay in trail condition updates…  The riding has been so good and everything opened so early, that it was easy to forget to update this page.  Anyway, our trail updates page will be on hiatus until the snow starts to fly.

Thursday, June 6th 2013 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

Record high temperatures are rapidly melting the last remaining patches of snow in the Tahoe basin making for some epic riding conditions for this time of year.  At this time, here’s what we know about what’s clear and what’s not:

Tahoe Rim Trail from Mt Rose Meadow to Tunnel Creek still has snow in the shade and tree line as you make your way to the top of the first climb.  Other than that, it is good to go.  Please do not cut trail to avoid snow patches as the Rim Trail was intended to be single track.  Cutting trail damages ma nature and may lead to closure of precious mountain bike trails.

The rest of the North Shore (from Incline Village to Tahoe City) is free of snow except for the usual places that hold snow a little longer including Tahoe Rim Trail just above Twin Lakes, heading toward Marlette Peak and Stanford Rock.

I also had a chance to speak with a few guys that tried to ride Hole in the Ground on Saturday.  They said it was pretty good except for the hour and a half spent hiking their bikes through snow…  So if that’s your idea of fun, Hole in the Ground is ready to go, bring a shovel.  The rest of us will wait a little longer.

Thursday, May 23rd 2013 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

At the time of this report, a cold front is passing through the Lake Tahoe basin keeping daytime highs in the high 40’s and low 50’s for a few days.  Despite these cold temps, more and more trails are opening up each week.  Here’s the dirt summary:

The Tyrolian DH is almost 100% clear from the top with only a few major snow patches remaining at the entrance to the trail.  The Incline Flume, Marlette Flume, and Chimney Beach Downhill are all good to go with little to no snow remaining at all.

The Tahoe Rim Trail from Mt Rose Meadow is still buried under snow.  Look for it to open up in the next week or two.  If riding north on the Rim from Tunnel Creek, you can get all the way to Diamond Peak without running into snow.  Heading south from Tunnel Creek to Marlette Peak will be under snow for some time to come as it is on a shaded, north facing slope at high elevation.

The Tahoe Rim Trail is open between highway 267 and Mount Watson, and on to Tahoe City with minor snow crossings.  The single track and jeep road that accesses the top of Mount Watson is still holding some snow, making bike travel difficult and feet cold.

In Tahoe City, the Tahoe Rim Trail in and around Page Meadows is 100% free of snow, although there are some wet spots in the Meadow.

Sunday, April 28th 2013 – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

Warmer than average temperatures and abundant sunshine are speeding up the snow melt on local trails.  Since our last update, there are some notable trail openings in the Incline Village area.  The Marlette Flume is now mostly clear and considered rideable from end to end.  Expect extended hike-a-bike over snow at the crest of North Canyon Rd and the southwest shore of Marlette Lake.  The Incline Flume and Lower Tyrolian Downhill are also mostly clear and in excellent condition.  We anticipate being able to ride the Tyrolian from the top in about a week.

Tuesday, April 9th 2013  – Tahoe Mountain Bike Trail Update

Bike season is here!!!  There’s hardly any evidence that it was cold and snowing yesterday as the sun is shining and temperatures have climbed into the high 40’s/low 50’s at the time of this report.  The snow is melting quickly and local trails below 7000 feet will be rideable in a few weeks.

Right now, we know that the Emigrant Trail  and a few others in Truckee are good to go.  In Incline Village, the Old Mount Rose Highway is melting quickly and mostly clear to the Incline Flume connector.  The Incline Flume from Hwy 431 is rideable for about a mile before snow completely covers the trail due to aspect and shade.  We anticipate the Tyrolian Downhill being clear from the Incline Flume down in 10 days to 2 weeks.  Tunnel Creek Road is clear to just shy of the aspen grove and won’t be too long before we are able to access the Marlette Flume.

We’ll keep you posted as things change and as always, if you would like to submit a trail report of your own, please Email us.